Gavin Consulting - Integrated Marketing StrategyIntegrated Digital Marketing plans and development.  We will analyze and assess your marketing assets, develop a financial and feasibility plan for appropriate channel spending, and create the right proposal for your needs.  In that proposal, you may see one or all of the following:

Agency Selection & Creative Services Sourcing

When is it the right time to outsource your marketing efforts?  If you’re a small business, the right marketing agency can help you manage your marketing collateral and outreach efficiently, saving you from costly investments in full-time employee hires when capital is tight (especially if you’re a recent start-up).  Gavin Consulting can be that agency, or source the right third-party SaaS automation or service providers to handle your immediate needs at the right level of investment for your business.

Email Marketing Platforms and Best Practices

Do you need to develop an email marketing program for outreach, lead generation and conversions?  Not sure what platforms are the best to set up transactional emails, email marketing automation?  Not sure of the right types of content, timing and segmentation necessary to optimize your email performance?  Gavin Consulting will help you develop the right tactics to execute your email strategy.

Gavin Consulting - Social Media BlackboardE-Commerce Platforms and Strategies

E-Commerce remains huge.  If you are a more traditional business but have a product or service in high demand, you need to be able to scale and offer it through e-commerce platforms for broader audience reach.  You also need the right platforms that help you deploy products quickly, manage inventories, track sales and represent your brand all while streamlining the user experience the right way to generate revenue.  We’ll show you the best available platforms, detail the pros and cons and get you on track to be a successful e-commerce business.

Social Media & Conversation Management

Not every business needs to be on every social network. We’ll help you find the right tools and software that delivers ease-of-use, detailed monitoring, enhanced productivity and the best ROI.

Online Retargeting, Display Advertising, Paid Search & Affiliate Marketing

Gavin Consulting RetargetingThere are so many ways to reach your potential customer.  Are you using the right mix of available marketing channels relevant to your product or service?  Are you using these channels efficiently?  Are you measuring the right KPIs to determine positive ROI?  There many different channels to choose from and many pitfalls to avoid.  Online marketing methods come with certain spending that, if not utilized properly, can quickly bankrupt your marketing budget.  Let us help you gauge your efforts with Google Adwords, Microsoft Ad Center (Bing/Yahoo!), and Affiliate network/program management.

Search Optimization and Organic Search

Finding the right balance of HTML coding, keywords, and content can be difficult. Understanding how this translates to success against the variety of constantly evolving search platform algorithms?  Well that seems almost impossible, right?  Wrong.  We can help.

User Experience (UX)

It’s not just about how it looks, but also how it functions.

Website & Mobile Development

We’ll design and develop affordable, easy to update responsive websites and apps for your business needs.

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