Ratings, ratings, ratings (and money, money, money)! 

mixerGavin ConsultingTM can put those desires in focus with targeted research, studies, and a wealth of first-hand knowledge amassed for the past 15 years in the business.

Whether it’s a perceptual study with listeners, or an internal audit of who you are, what you’re doing, and where you’re going, Gavin Consulting can get you aligned with success!  We’ll analyze your business from top to bottom and back, and give you recommendations in all areas, from programming to production to part-timers.

Let us help you find a better way to reach your target audience, and do it in a way that promotes positive spirit and teamwork in the workplace.  No slick suits here!  We won’t walk in like it’s a hostile corporate takeover.  Rather, we will sit down, one-on-one with every single staff member, and weave our way into their daily routines to experience firsthand what they experience, and offer ways to help each staff member, as well as the team.

Consulting Services:

  • Initial consultation to determine problems, identify potential markets, ascertain immediate needs, and gain an understanding of the future company’s vision and focus.
  • Proposal writing to establish a plan of action and a scope of work to develop a positive brand and meaningful position.
  • Consultation not covered elsewhere is available on any number of activities: branding, positioning, research, marketing communication planning, competitive analysis, new product screening, new product introductions, and other marketing and identity issues. Prior to performing major consulting assignments, Gavin Consulting will propose a scope of work, timetable, cost quote and detailed deliverable. Quotes will be “not to exceed”.

Brand-Related Services:

  • Gavin Consulting - Branding and Marketing

    Developing guidelines and standards for developing brands and product identities within the organization. Includes recommendations concerning infrastructure, metrics and procedures. Priced “not to exceed”.

  • Critique existing and proposed branding strategies and suggest changes or additions based on our knowledge and experience.
  • Prepare a branding/positioning “white paper” concerning a specific product category or market segment based on secondary research and your internal product/market knowledge which will enable you to see the issues, problems and opportunities from a new but informed perspective.
  • Conduct a comprehensive brand audit to reveal your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, and to discover areas in which your branding effectiveness can be improved. It provides a snapshot of a brand’s performance and direction for future activities.

Research Services:

  • Secondary research to determine the nature of targeted markets, profile major competitors and ascertain industry practices and trends.
  • Positioning research to determine the attributes that most motivates members of target markets to buy, to determine the positions major competitors already own in the collective market’s mind, to identify unoccupied and weakly occupied positions, to identify those attributes and combinations of attributes that can set your company/brand apart from competition. This is normally a two-step interview process.


  • Positioning statement associated with the product or company name helps establish the desired position in the collective market’s mind. It usually is created after the name but before the logo. It is often integrated with the logo.  This is a slogan, but it is more than that. It is a statement that is only true about you. It differentiates you from your competitors as it communicates an important benefit to the market.

Marketing Materials:

  • Materials vary, and can include brochures, data sheets, posters, manuals, presentations, catalogs, application briefs, videos, newsletters, etc.. We perform all of the creative steps for these materials: concept, writing and design.

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